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5 Ways to Hygge Your Home
Hoo-guh (n) -Coziness and a deeply satisfying feeling of well-being. Enjoying life's simple pleasures. Danish

1) Bring the Outdoors In

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Add some greenery into your home. Pattern plants like the prayer plant or calathea orbifolia are popular in 2018 or your can never go wrong with a fiddle leaf fig. Cant keep plants alive? Go with natural elements like leather, stone or wood. 

2) Cozy Textures

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Texture is a big part of Hygge, says Pia Edberg, Vancouver based author of "The Cozy Life". Keep knitted or fleece blankets close at hand never skimp on the fluffy pillows. 

3) Turn off the Lights

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Natural light will always be pouring in your large windows but as the sun goes down switch to table lamps with a soft warm glow rather than bright overhead lighting.

4) Everyday is a Day at the Spa

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Turn your bathroom into a relaxing oasis with essential oils like Lavender, Geranium or eucalyptus. Big fluffy bath towels and a quality bathmat help set the scene as well.  

Tip: Try hanging a bundle of eucalyptus from your shower head, the heat and steam help to activate the herb's essential oils which can ease congestion and create a lovely fresh aroma. 

5) Everything is Meaningful

The Celine Apartments NW Portland.jpg

Surround yourself with objects that tell a story. Decorate your home with accents that are meaningful to you. Gifts, item purchased while traveling, antiques or local artisan crafts.

Care, Love, Patience, Dedication. PDX Woodcraft
Live edge custom corner desk by PDX Woodcraft.

Live edge custom corner desk by PDX Woodcraft.

Great furniture is an investment, and one of our philosophies is to invest in people. Rather than buying a particle board desk from a big box retailer we thought adding a piece of Oregon created with love by an Oregon family would add more meaning to our home. This live edge wood desk harvested in Oregon was crated by PDX Woodcraft. 

Care, Love, Patience, Dedication. This is what goes into every piece we create at PDX WoodCraft. Our creations are sourced from native Pacific Northwest materials, often reclaimed, and are finished with the care and attention you would expect even if you were paying much more. 

Imagine the one perfect piece that you’ve been dreaming of for your home. You can’t find it in stores and the pictures you see on Pinterest don’t link to anyone who can make it. That’s where PDX WoodCraft comes in; bring us your ideas and let us bring them to life!

- Ryan & Polly Owners of PDX Woodcraft

PDX Woodcraft's custom work can be found in The Celine model home. Check out the den/office for this stunning live edge desk(pictured above) and find handmade cutting boards in the kitchen. Grab a card while you're, there those pieces are for sale! See more work from PDX Woodcraft here.